20 Easy Narrative Essay Topics For College Students

Students are often asked to write narrative essays. In this type of academic writing, you should share your personal life experience. You may relate some event that happened in your life, reveal your attitude towards something, share your ideas, or describe your reaction to some issue. This is your chance to think about and tell a story that left a trace in your memory. Or, you may indulge your fancy and create an imaginative story that could have happened to you.

In the narrative essay, you should make your point and support it with specific details. Usually, the point is represented in the first sentence of an opening paragraph. To support your position, use sensory details to deeply involve the reader in the sequence of your story. Make use of clear and vivid verbs. Be sure to write your essay in the first person and express your personal point of view.

Sometimes, it may be troublesome to choose a topic for your narrative essay. The following list might help you boost your creativity.

  1. The day I met my best friend.

  2. The worst day of my life.

  3. The year 2115: what will the world be like?

  4. A person that changed my life forever.

  5. The most embarrassing moment of my life.

  6. If I had a million dollars, how would I spend it?

  7. My first day at college.

  8. A country I would like to visit.

  9. If I had a superpower for a day, what would I change in the world?

  10. The strangest dream I’ve experienced.

  11. One thing I would like to change about myself.

  12. A day I was let down by my friend.

  13. The best present I have ever received.

  14. A day I told a lie.

  15. People that make me better.

  16. The best day of my life.

  17. Why are my parents special?

  18. A date that turned out to be a disaster.

  19. Why do I believe in luck?

  20. If I could go back to my childhood, how would I change my present?

The aforementioned essay topics are easy to write about because they remind you of situations that could have happened to anybody. If you don’t find them to be interesting enough, you may make things up and describe some imaginary situation. Everything is under your control in a narrative essay. If the topic idea is fascinating to you, it is likely that you can manage this task.

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