Choosing Catchy Argumentative Essay Topics For High School

When you write an argumentative essay you have the chance to expose your ideas and personal beliefs, and to help your classmates change their opinion. You can choose almost anything as a topic, as long as you truly believe in that idea and you think that it would be beneficial to your classmates. Of course, you can not compose your essay based only on your opinion. You have to bring solid arguments to support your statement if you want to convince anyone. If you have no idea how to choose the right topic, inspire yourself from these ideas:

  • How beneficial the uniform actually is? Even if, theoretically, it will make all students feel equal, in reality the situation is different. Teenagers are very attached to their clothes, and they can feel frustrated by the fact that they can’t express their personality through clothing.
  • Marijuana consumption. Recreational drugs are not legal in most of the countries, but this does not make them less dangerous. Even if they are not damaging, they can make young people try real drugs.
  • Smoking in public areas. Human rights give us the chance to do whatever we want with our body, as long as we don’t hurt other people. Does this apply to smoking in public areas? It is legal in most of the countries, even if it can be extremely damaging for people around us.
  • Home schooling. More and more parents choose to keep their children at home instead of sending them to school. Can this be dangerous for teenagers? Will it keep them away from a normal social life?
  • Tolerance. Nowadays we can see more and more hate in our society. People are discriminated, bullied and so on. How can we change all this? How we can teach other people to be more tolerant and accepting?
  • Rehabilitation of criminals. Do you think that criminals should be helped to lead a normal life in society, or they should be kept in jail? Motivate your answer.
  • Products tested on animals. The majority of beauty companies use this method to test their products. Legal or not, it is a form of animal abuse and it should be eliminated.
  • Public transport or personal car? Which method is safer for the environment? Should we choose to use public transport, so we can limit the pollution?

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