Gay Marriage

The question of whether gay marriage should be legal or illegal has been the topic for many debates in many parts of the world. It was first legalized in the US in 2004 when the first gay marriage was performed. However, the supporters of gay marriage should have had substantial reasons for holding the debate. Those who oppose the debate believe that any form of marriage should bear fruits, that is, have children. It is through this controversy that we seek to analyze the issues that call for the legalization of gay marriage.

Countries that have legalized gay marriage are a bit civilized while the rest have second-class citizens. Individuals should not be deprived of the preference to marry, as this would be discriminatory. States that ban this issue are believed to have discriminatory rules, depriving people of their equal dignity, and serve to hurt them. Others believe that the spouses of gay marriage should not participate in the fundamental institutions of the society. Since many parts of the world oppose the issue of discrimination, they should also fight the ban on gay marriage since it has discriminatory points.

Gay marriage is far much better compared to heterosexual marriage. The current world has incorporated incurable diseases; hence sharing husbands or wives to more than two people looks dangerous. Even though this makes heterosexuality look weird, it encompasses numerous benefits. These include; access to family health coverage, hospital visitation during illness, the option to reduce the burden of tax through a joint tax return, inheritance rights in case one person dies, and bereavement leave. Since the benefits are available to married couples, the gay marriage ones should be able to enjoy the benefits as well.

Gone are the days when the traditional marriage concept of one man and one woman was active. The current world has rendered the definition of marriage as inaccurate. Throughout history, monogamous families were difficult to find. Polygamy spread in many parts of the world while interracial marriage was illegal. The 13th century had official gay marriages in which the ceremonies were performed in church. Therefore, the modern world cannot oppose a motion that initiated in the past decades.

All people have the right to marriage. This is an international stance. The American Foundation for Equal Rights guarantees individuals the right to marriage without limitation. Since numerous international bodies prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender, gay marriage has had stable grounds from this matter, making it a globally recognized principle.

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