Illustration Essay Topics List: 50 Great Ideas To Get Inspired

When it is time to write an illustration essay, students need to create an entirely unique idea. These essays are intended to reflect someone's ideas through evidence. The topic should be interesting and unique so that it really stands out. Also known as expository essays, these essay types are some of the most straightforward papers to write. To get started on an illustration essay, students should consider some of the following ideas.

  1. What is the correct way to throw a curve ball?
  2. How is fashion a status symbol?
  3. How do scientists test products on animals?
  4. How is Ultimate Frisbee played?
  5. What are the negatives associated with drinking alcohol?
  6. Are humans dependent on technology?
  7. Is there anything that religion and science have in common?
  8. What is the role of capital punishment in the criminal justice system?
  9. What causes terrorism around the world?
  10. What is the difference from tumbling and cheer leading?
  11. How does a football coach impact the performance of an NFL team?
  12. Why are depression rates higher in first world countries?
  13. Does violence beget violence?
  14. Is reformative justice better than the current justice system?
  15. How do cell phones change human communication patterns?
  16. What are the rules for competitive swimming competitions?
  17. How does meditation work?
  18. What is the training required of Buddhist monks?
  19. How does someone write a novel?
  20. What makes a school mascot so important?
  21. What is the role of grandparents in cultures that focus on the extended family?
  22. Does technology bring families closer together?
  23. How do family pets increase an elderly person's life span?
  24. Are two parent homes necessary?
  25. How can somebody take apart a printer?
  26. What is the function of an organization like PETA?
  27. What are techniques for paying for college?
  28. Why are athletics a part of campus life?
  29. How do political action committees work?
  30. How do college students budget?
  31. What is the best way to write a resume?
  32. How does someone determine a potential dating partner?
  33. What are techniques for developing good study habits?
  34. What defines success?
  35. What are some of the qualities of successful people?
  36. What are the advantages of living in a college dorm or off of campus?
  37. How does someone learn to do yoga?
  38. How does someone play soccer?
  39. What makes a song a hit?
  40. What are some motivation techniques?
  41. Why is drinking a problem on college campuses?
  42. What makes someone study abroad?
  43. Why does someone's family history matter?
  44. How does someone make a quilt?
  45. What causes someone to do a hobby?
  46. How can a DIY heater be made?
  47. Explain the history of a local town.
  48. How can someone tell when a building is made by looking at architectural details?
  49. What are the steps of writing an illustration essay?

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