Italian Traditions

Italian tradition refers to the sets of traditions, values, beliefs and norms that are practiced by the Italian people. The Italian tradition is filled with festival, holidays, art, saint celebration, architecture and food. The home of Roman Empire and the Roman Catholic has brought out various architectural designs that include the classical Roman, baroque and neoclassical. Italy host some of the most notable and famous structure in the world in the form of leaning tower of Pisa and Colosseum. The official language is Italian with a number of dialects that include Sardinian, Neapolitan, and Milanese among others. To the Italians family is an important value with major focus being the extended family rather than the mom, dad and kids family.

Italian cuisine

Italian cuisine has had a lot of influence on food culture around the globe that is viewed as a form of art by many. Pasta, wine and cheese form the part of the meal that is important to Italians. To them food is life and not just nourishment, family gatherings are associated with food and networking with the families. Italy has twenty regions and each of the 20 regions has its own traditional wine and foods. For example spaghetti and pizza come from central Italy while fish, potatoes, sausages, pork and different forms of cheese are associated with people in the northern part of the country. In south food are dominated by tomatoes and also include peppers, eggplant, ricotta cheese, artichokes and garlic.

Italian holidays

In a country that hosts the holy basilica structures most of its holiday are Christian holidays that include Christmas and Easter. With family picnics on the Monday after Easter holiday to mark the start of spring. The saints day is commemorated in November 1st , is a religious holiday that involves celebration of the deceased by decorating the graves with flowers. Many Towns and villages celebrate their patron saint feast day, for example patron saint of Napoli is San Gennaro is feasted on September 19. ferragosto is the Italian summer holiday that represents the period of relaxation that was traditionally celebrated in the entire month of August. Today it is a celebration of Virgin Mary where the Italians enjoy the beach, cook food together and participate in other recreational activities. In Venice, carnival di venezia, is celebrated for two weeks in early spring where parties, parades, music performances and masquerade balls all are involved. Masks are to be worn throughout carnival and parties that shows that anything goes in carnival.

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