Abusive Relationships

A big number of people across the world have experienced abusive relationships. The type of abuse could be emotional, physical or sexual. Abusive relationships are on the rise in the modern days. Individuals who take alcohol and other forms of substance abuse are likely to exhibit abusive behaviors in relationships. Some of these forms of violence include; kicking, pulling of hair, punching, hitting, rape, intimidation, and threats, among others. People can overcome abusive relationships may understanding that they have the right to be treated with respect. Many people do not recognize the degree to which a relationship could be abusive. Therefore, discussing the signs of abusive relationships is necessary.

There are various warning signs that one could be in an abusive relationship. When your partner exhibits physical harm such as pushing, slapping, shaking, grabbing, kicking, punching, and smacking, then, it means that you are in an abusive relationship. However, some other signs may depict that one is an abusive relationship. For instance, a person who controls the different aspects of one’s life such as the mode of dressing may in a way be displaying an abusive relationship. Partners or friends should be free to dress, hang out with people of their choices, and say what they want.

A relationship whereby one person makes the other feel unworthy is abusive. In such relationships, a partner could tell the other that he or she loves her and humiliates her in the next moment. Some people are likely to threaten you if you leave the relationship, meaning that you are under abuse. Others would not accept their mistakes and twist them to make you feel that you are on the wrong. If your partner tracks your movements and demands to know where you are at all times, be sure that you are already in an abusive relationship.

From the above context, it is clear that many of us are in abusive relationships. Our partners have always felt jealous when we spend our time with friends. Therefore, it is important to understand the extent to which a relationship could be abusive in order to acknowledge the kind of life that one is leading. If a friend encompasses broken bones and bruises, that is a sure way that they are under abuse. Others who avoid social events or school with baseless excuses could be in abusive relationships. These people need people who can believe and hear them in order to overcome their relationships.

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