How To Write A “What Does Freedom Mean To You” Essay

When it comes down to it everyone has differing opinions on what freedom is. When writing your essay you just adhere to the usual essay format; nothing fancy. This type of essay is pretty much a personal essay asking a simple question about you. Most of the time you will see this essay question asked with your admissions essay; this will tell people about you and your writing style. Put a lot of thought into your essay; the professor will know the difference.

Some Tips

Other than just using the normal essay format; here are some tips that will help you along the way. Don’t try to short cut the essay too; detail is your best friend here.

  • Avoid using a dictionary definition of freedom. For one it’s far from what their looking for and they’ve seen many students try it enough already. Wow them about yourself.
  • An approach that could work well for you is to share with your future professors or professor a time when you felt the most free. That’s freedom after all. Then you can take and contrast it with a time where you felt oppressed or opposed; constrained so to speak.
  • Discuss a time when you had faced a barrier keeping you from achieving your goals or dreams. But then take a moment to reflect in detail how you would feel by overcoming that barrier; would it be for the betterment of your life; how would it change you as a person.
  • An original approach you could take is to look at the importance of freedom as a concept. Does there have to be literal blood spilled for freedom or can it be metaphorically; perhaps in some instances its can be both. The concept approach can be riskier; so make sure you are clean and concise in what you are writing in your essay.

We fight for freedom every day; sometimes the smallest action produces the largest results. For some the ultimate freedom is just being done with their school; completing college so they can move on to the career of their dreams and bigger better things. For others it’s as simple as spreading kindness and compassion through the simplest of tasks.

It is up to you to decide what freedom ultimately means to you. You can’t write about freedom as a generalization but as an ever changing concept that means many things for many people.

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