Managing Environmental Issues

Prior to the industrial revolution, humanity did not have much of a significant impact on the surrounding landscape. Cities were built and reduced to rubble over a few thousand years and there were even cases of desertification due to over planting. Animals went extinct because of too much hunting but this is nothing compared to what took place after industrialization. Factories have been pumping large amounts of poisonous smog into our atmosphere ever since. There are chemicals in our waterways some of which are stopping fish from reproducing. This essay looks at the steps that must be taken to manage such challenges.

Define the issues

Not every place will show examples of the same types of problems. There are countries were plastic bags have been banned in groceries and others where they are still very much legal despite the affect that they have on mother nature. There are regions with a particularly bad history of waste disposal that may be destroying sensitive wildlife habitats with their carelessness. If you intend to look at all of the problems in the world it may be difficult to handle all at once so you should take them region by region.

Gather resources

Once you have a fair idea which problems you want to tackle, you should see what resources are available to you. If the initiative comes from the government, it helps to look at the quantity of funds that have been allocated to the project alone. If this is adequate you can continue with no obstructions. If this is not adequate you may need to conduct other exercises with the aim of getting funds.

Examine policies

There may be things you wish to accomplish that are not possible under the current legislature. If you wish to get factories to sop pumping smog into the atmosphere but they still have the right to do so, chances are they will.

Plan action

Once you can show clearly that you are allowed to do what you aim, the plan can be rolled out. It should include all of the factors stated above in order to be well thought out and likely to achieve the stated objective.

The issues surrounding environmental degradation are serious and may form some of our biggest regrets as a species in the centuries to come. By taking steps towards healing our planet we make our own futures a bit more promising.

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