Creating A Brilliant Discursive Essay: Free Writing Tips

If you are tasked with writing a discursive essay there are steps you can take to make sure that your final product is top-notch. This type of paper is one that requires you to produce a critical analysis of the topic that is controversial. As the writer you have to present both sides of your issue but also show why your particular side has more marriage than the other. This type of writing offer students a great way to learn how to logically structure their argument as well as how to anticipate other arguments and counter them.

  • In order to write a top-notch discursive essay need to first find a controversial topic and introduce it in your first paragraph. During this paragraph you need to explain not only what the controversial topic is but how you feel about it. The reader should know exactly what side you were taking from the moment they start reading your paper.

  • After that you must present to the reader your strongest argument inside of the second big paragraph of the essay, also known as the first paragraph of your body. This is where you produce the most compelling piece of evidence to support your position in the controversial issue. You can strengthen your position by incorporating statistics, real-world examples, or expert opinions. As you write your body paragraphs you want to write them in descending order of importance. Remember too that every paragraph you have should support a single argument. If one of your body paragraphs contains more than one argument you should break it down into two paragraphs.

  • After you have illustrated your side in the argument you must explain the counter arguments to your side. You have to explain the believe system in the reasoning to the counter arguments as thoroughly as possible. Do not try and weaken the opponent’s arguments by presenting them as artificial. Your essay will come off significantly stronger if you actually represent the counter arguments in affair fashion. Once you have presented the counter arguments you should explain why you reject them. You can start with the concession statement which admits that the opposition is valid but that your site is still right for a practical, moral, or logical reason.

  • When that is done it is time to write your conclusion. The conclusion acknowledges the opposition and explains again why your side in the argument is ideal. You can simply state again the information that you included in your body paragraphs to remind the reader of what support you presented in favor of your argument.

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