5 Signs Of A Fraud Essay Writing Service: Stay Alert

Unfortunately, there are countless unscrupulous people just waiting to take advantage of students who are desperate for help. So, when you need a decent essay writing service, you need to be very careful to avoid these scammers. Have a look at this excellent list of five signs that you may be dealing with a fraudulent essay writing service.

  1. They’ll have exceptionally low prices
  2. Let’s face it, most of the time you get what you pay for. So, be wary of any essay writing service that offers to do your projects for unusually low rates. Businesses that write papers for students need to employ people to actually do the work, and those people need to be paid. And, this is why they have to charge students a fee to do their projects. So, be careful of any business that offers extremely low prices, as they may just take your money and run.

  3. They won’t offer to show you any samples
  4. Often fraudulent essay writing services won’t have any samples to show their prospective clients. It’s actually in their best interests to show people some good samples, as this will draw in more customers. That being said, you should also be wary of businesses that offer to give you an enormous portfolio of samples, as a proper business will want to protect it’s work from being plagiarised. So, look for smaller portfolios of samples that seem reasonable.

  5. They’ll demand full payment upfront
  6. Always be careful of any essay writing service that demands payment of the full amount up front. A good business will almost always ask for a deposit at the beginning and payment of the balance after you receive the work, or at least get to look at it.

  7. They’ll promise to deliver projects extremely fast
  8. Be wary of an essay writing service that promises to deliver papers in unbelievably short periods of time. It does take time to compose a paper, so any business that offers to give you a paper immediately is only going to give you one that they’ve sold to thousands of other students, if they give you anything at all.

  9. They’ll be disinterested in your brief
  10. A proper essay writing service will be very interested in your brief, and they’ll want to make sure it’s specific and unambiguous. So, if a business doesn’t seem to care about your brief, they’re probably scammers that you should avoid.

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