Picking Up Easy Persuasive Essay Topics For College: Tips & Examples

When you need to write a winning persuasive essay, one of the most important tasks that you have before you start is choosing a good topic. There are several criteria that determine a good essay topic, regardless of its type. A good topic is:

  • the one that makes you excited about the research and the very process of writing,
  • the one that relates to an area that you know well and can speak about for a long time,
  • the one that has a lot of reference information left by previous researchers.

All the mentioned points usually determine an easy essay topic, because being excited about the subject of your research, you will be willing to find more information, and you will be interested in finding something new. Plenty of reference information from previous researchers also makes an essay topic quite easy, because you can rely on results of their work. You can use these results to confirm your point of view and to make your own research look deeper and wider. Finally, what can be easier than speaking about things you know well?

If you manage to get such a topic, your essay will surely win a lot of points. Still, many students have problems with picking up such a topic. Let’s see where you can find good topic ideas for a persuasive college project.

  1. Try searching in libraries.
  2. Libraries (both online and offline) contain hundreds of other students’ works. You can try searching for an exciting topic among them.

  3. Try turning to your teacher.
  4. Even letting students choose a random topic, teachers usually have several ideas exactly for the ones who have tough times choosing one by themselves.

  5. Surf the Web.
  6. There are numerous resources that offer whole lists of good interesting persuasive college project topics that you can use.

  • Below, you can also find several ideas that you may like.
  • Education on teenage pregnancy can do more good than abortion bans.
  • Not only violence towards animals should be a crime, but abandoning pets, too.
  • Fashion and beauty standards in today’s ads are dangerous for young women.
  • Being too rich can easily spoil a personality.
  • Education on the use of recycling can really help clean the environment.
  • Good control can make gun ownership safe and useful.
  • Uniforms are quite good for school, from nursery to graduates.
  • Education on danger of cell phones and DUI can reduce road crashes.
  • Smokers should pay more for both cigarettes and health damage they cause to others.

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