Composing An Effective High School Essay On Environment 

There are several different topics that could be covered in an essay on the environment and within those topics there are several different aspects that could be discussed.

As the subject of the environment of so huge, it is a good idea from the onset to focus on one area, research it well and make a statement of how it relates to the bigger picture.

One of the biggest topics in recent years is the ‘Green House Effect’. This could be a good topic as there is a wealth of information that you can draw from for your essay.

Basically this is a cause and effect essay. You will have the chance to back up all if not most of your statements with scientific evidence, so make sure that the work is referenced.

The essay needs to follow a traditional format:


  • Why is the green house effect a problem?

  • What is a synopsis of the difficulties that it causes?

  • Are we sure that the difficulties are caused by the green house effect?

  • Did it just happen or has it been ongoing for some time?

  • Cause:

  • Can the cause be traced back to a particular time?

  • Is there another period in time when there was a similar effect?

  • Could there be another explanation?

  • Is this all part of a process of the earth aging?

  • Effect:

  • Industrialisation. The burning of fossil fuels both for manufacturing, travel and as energy sources. Population growth has been rapid in some areas of the world, which in turn has caused a higher demand for goods and foods that require manufacture and processing.

  • Destruction of rain forests. Discuss the reason why this is one of the biggest causes and how it has impacted not just locally, but globally.

  • Use of cleaning products. The soap and detergents that are used not just in the home but also in the manufacture of some products needs to be disposed of in some way. When the waste products enter the eco-system they cause damage and death to other living organisms.

  • Global warming is caused by high levels of carbon dioxide that cannot be processed by nature because of the reduction in rainforests and increased burning of fossil fuels. This is causing sea levels to rise due to melting polar ice caps.

  • Remedy:

  • Planting more trees than are being cut down. This should be indiscriminate.

  • Everyone should be aware of the effect that their life style has on the environment.

  • The growth of population needs to slow down.

  • There needs to be better use made of public transport.

  • Conclusion:

  • There is a need to educate everyone into the need to protect our planet for our children and future generations.

  • Manufacturers need to meet strict requirements for emissions.

  • People need to be aware of recycling programmes.

  • Everyone should be encouraged to play their part in saving the planet and to be proud of their endeavours.
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