How To Write Analytical Essays Following Examples

With a deadline quickly approaching, students enter a crunch time for essay writing. Through an analytical essay example, students can clearly see the style of essay that they are supposed to write. These papers show examples of formatting, techniques for developing an argument and citation examples. By using an example, students can gain a better understanding of what is expected to them. Rather than waste time reading through a writing manual, students can get instantaneous feedback on what they are supposed to do.

  • Understand the Goal
  • Every type of paper has a unique goal or objective. With an analytical paper,the student is supposed to explore a particular problem and present their opinion on it. This opinion must be supported by actual facts. In most classes, students will have to cite any quotes, facts or information that they use in the paper.

  • Choosing a Topic
  • Before writing the paper, students should figure out what type of topic they plan on using. They need to gain a clear understanding of their expectations. The professor will most likely have a list of topic ideas or a specific subject area that the student must use. In order to create the best paper possible, students should read through the prompt carefully. If the analytical essay is on a work of fiction, students could argue character motivation or scenes that build up to the climax. With a historical paper, students should develop an argument that shows how particular causes brought about an event.

  • Searching for Evidence
  • Once the student has a clear idea about a topic, they can begin to find evidence that supports their thesis. They may have to read through literature, look at scholarly articles or study books on the subject. Evidence can arrive in just about any form. As students discover information that supports their argument, they should carefully track where it came from. They should also make sure that the source was written by someone who is an expert on the subject. Quoting an article from the local paper carries less weight than a scholarly book by a leading expert in the subject.

  • Outline the Paper
  • With the research process wrapping up, students are ready to begin outlining their paper. They should begin with the thesis statement and divide the remaining outline into sections. Each section or paragraph should deal with one part of the argument. As the analytical essay continues, the sections should build on each other and support the thesis.

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