Mass Murders

For years, we have been looking at mass murders and how a person or a team of people can kill and annihilate a large number of people. Over the years, we look to examine whether or not it's rage in a particular person or if its a group or a cult, to better assess what goes into the mind of someone to do this sort of heinous crime.

For example, years ago, when Jim Jones, who was a cult leader, killed his entire congregation and his cult following, he did so by tainting their Kool-Aid with cyanide, and as everyone drink this concoction that he created, including him, they all died. Instances like that don't always happen that often. Over the years the killing style has changed.

What we're seeing more now is increased incidents of mass destruction, where there are rampage killings, like for example, these young students or rejects, so to speak, who will go into a school and just start shooting and firing at random.

As scientists, behavioral therapists and psychologists work to better understand why these types of crimes happen, they look at the person's makeup, their background, if they had any sort of terrorist ties, or if they were angry and this was a revenge killing.

For example, you can have someone who goes into a job site, and starts shooting at co-workers because they were angry because they were recently laid off. Forensic psychologists and different departments like the police department, as well as the FBI and even Homeland Security get involved to better understand how these triggers go off in people, causing them to snap, and to start killing. Because with a mass murders, there's usually a psychological trail, or map, if you will.

Take someone who goes in to kill everyone on their job site, may have had a history of mental issues as it relates to them growing up, incidents where they were angry, aggressive, or had issues with the law. These determining factors, can help the police and other agencies to better understand the behavior of this type of person or persons. For someone to think that methodically, they would have to consider in their mind buying and purchasing guns, where they're going to go and commit this act, and how to go about killing in such a heinous way.

By studying these different factors, different agencies are better able to assess and address who in their database, in terms of of criminals, they should monitor and the keep an eye on to ensure the safety of the general public. They can also better help employers in giving them better ways to fire people to ensure they don’t snap suddenly and want to act out in an act of revenge or rage which is a big trigger in this area.

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