How To Write An Effective Essay Conclusion: Free Tips & Examples

Each part of your paper can be considered to be of the approximately equal importance. Introduction is the first part your reader will see and, therefore, the one that will creat the first impression and mood the paper will be read with. The main body gives you the possibility to show the readers your knowledge on the subject and assess the general content of the paper. And, finally, the conclusion is the last thing people will read and, therefore, the one that will leave a impression from your paper for later. This guide will teach you how to create a conclusion that will leave your readers impressed by your paper and make them remember it.

  • Base it on your whole paper!
  • First of all, you need to remember that you can never write a conclusion before you complete the introduction and main paragraphs. When your conclusion shall be connected to the introduction a lot, it shall at the same time be a representation of all the context of your paper, as it will not make any sense otherwise. If you make any changes in the paper after the conclusion is already written, make sure to revise it as well to correspond with the updated paper.

  • The most effective strategies for your conclusion.
  • So, you have the paper written now and the last part you are stuck on is the conclusion. Here are a few suggestions on how to handle it.

    1. Make a full circlt with your introduction. Let the last sentences of your paper briefly restate the aim of the paper, provided at the beginning and tell your readers how you achnieved it.
    2. Leave the reader thinking. End your paper with interesting food for the brain, making the reader think over your paper in some time and remember it.
    3. State the importance of your paper or the events in it for your future. This will state how important the paper is for you and, possibly, for the science in your field of study.

  • Most common mistakes you should avoid.
  • Before you start writing, here is the last important notes for you: how not to make mistakes that irritate the readers the most. First of all, avoid repetitions. If you already mentioned the information in the main body, the readers have already seen it, there is no need to repeat yourself. Your conclusion is your last chance to show your readers why your paper is important. Make sure that all this work did not go in vain.

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