Climate Change

Climate change is also known as global warming. It is caused by the rise in the earth’s temperatures over time. Consensus amongst ecologists and scientists is that the phenomenon exists because of the earth and its resources have been used over time. There has been an excessive use of fossil fuels, releasing carbon dioxide and other harmful greenhouse gases into the air. These gases are then trapped within the atmosphere, causing a greenhouse like effect making the global temperatures rise drastically.

Causes of Climate Change

The idea behind climate change is the planet’s temperature. The earth’s temperature has historically been changed by three factors. These are;

  • Variations in the sun’s energy patterns as the rays reach the Earth.
  • The reflectivity of the earth’s surface and its atmosphere.
  • The greenhouse effect controlling the amount of heat retained by the earth’s atmosphere.

Climate change can be approached as a cause of both natural and manmade factors. Mapping out the earth’s history shows us that climate change hiked during the industrial revolution. This was when people started using more fuel, heat and thermal energy because of the advent of coal and other fuels. Before this time, several natural disasters like volcanic eruptions are also considered a cause of the climate change.

The effects of this phenomenon have got the world cautious. Essentially climate change was thought to continue through this century and beyond. Here are a few effects that will take place because of it;

  • Rises in temperature will continue to take place because of human induced factors. While natural factors do contribute the majority damage is continuously being caused at the hands of humans.
  • Changes in the patterns of precipitation will take place. Places will experience too much or too little rainfall.
  • Floods and droughts will both be byproducts of this.
  • Heatwaves will become more common. We have all read reports about how strong the last summer was.
  • Chances are that it will continue to worsen because of the climate changes.
  • Hurricanes will be stronger and more destructive as a result.
  • Sea Levels will continue to rise by 1 to 4 meters adding to the chances of storms worsening and island countries to sink completely over the course of time.
  • The chances of forest fires worsening and intensifying over the coming years is likely to occur.

Climate change is a reality and has to be combated by the world together. The earth cannot be carelessly used in order to keep it from being completely destroyed.

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