Composing A Good High School Essay About A Self Help Group

Self help groups are those that constitutes of peers of same physical, mental and emotional compatibilities. They usually share similar interests and focal issues like flow of thoughts and education. In short to say in a self help group, people are associated with each other to improve their chances of survival and pool their resources to solve their purpose. The resources can be social and economic.

How to write on such topics?

When writing such essays, you should divide it into three parts - Introduction, body and the Conclusion.

Introduction: First of all explain what a self help group is. Introduction is introducing such topics. Write why most of such groups are voluntary and share non –profit associations and share similar interests. The topic is vast and can be talked in terms of women and Hispanics. You should talk about its importance and tell why this number is on rise in various countries. Illustrate why proliferation of such groups are associated more with health problems and assist people with emotional and social conditions.

Body: This is the biggest section of an essay. It covers the subject at length with proper evidences. The subject can be elaborated by dividing it in sections and sub-sections and by providing examples. This is the section where you can explain the topic covering various sections. Talk about how such groups act as a therapy and provide therapeutic aspects like intimacy, self discloser, personal growth etc.

  • Discuss the types of self help groups. Talk about the groups that are addicted to alcohol and similar addiction cases. You can also talk about victims of HIV/AIDS, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, incontinence, cancer etc.
  • Discuss the role of online support communities like chat rooms, electronic mailing lists, bulletin boards etc. The support provided by them is round the clock. The discussion carried by them is pretty helpful.
  • You can also elaborate the theme by discussing the features of self help groups. Inform to the audience as in how such self help groups can be accessed (local newspaper announcements, community agencies, school counselors, hospitals, health care centers, churches, meetings at metropolitan areas etc). Apart from that you should also introduce topics like mutual aid, spiritual recovery, and introspection, and insight, anonymity etc.

Conclusion: This is the time to write the essence and write about advantages and limitations of self help groups. It is better if you emphasize on its assets more rather than limitations. Wrap up the entire essay in few words and keep it interesting and knowledgeable.

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