Choosing Adoption

Many mothers choose adoption for their child, due to various circumstantial reasons; it is mostly borne out of the fact that they want to give their child a better life than they can provide them, in many cases they feel the support they can provide will be insufficient. Sometimes, especially during unexpected pregnancies, a child can interfere with the parent’s life goal. Many families wish to adopt children because of a desire to contribute to society, and to give children living less fortunate lives a decent chance at success.

Giving Children Up for Adoption

There is limited data on why women give up children for adoption. It is generally thought that it is due to financial difficulties, however the limited research says otherwise. Research conducted shows that women who choose to give up their children for adoption usually come from a higher socioeconomic status, and have aspirations for higher education and careers.

It is usually women from a lower socioeconomic status who choose to parent their child as opposed to give it up for adoption. Research also indicates that women who chose adoption plans come from stable family household, with the parents intact, who are supportive of the decision.

In many countries nowadays, adopted parents aren’t completely cut off from their children. The children, in due course, receive information about their biological parents, and in many cases are even in contact with them.

Adopting a Child

Much thought is gone into adopting a child for adoptive parents, and they are subject to stringent testing to ensure they are a right fit for adoption. The process of adopting a child in the UK includes contacting an adoption agency, attending preparation classes, being subjected to assessment to see your eligibility to become a parent, undergoing background checks for previous criminal records and a full medical examination. The process in many cases can be lengthy, taking months. The cost of adoption is high in many countries, in the US it can cost up to $25,000 in certain cases.

Statistically, the average age of an adopted child is 3 years and 5 months; lower than the previous two years. Ethnicity wise, 83% of children adopted in 2014 were white, with mixed race in second with 11% being adopted. Also in 2014, 9% of adoptions were by single parents.

Adoption is a lengthy and emotional process for all parties involved; for the parents giving the child up, for the child and the adoptive parents. It’s a lengthy process, which can cost money, but for many adoptive parents it’s a noble cause worth the sacrifice.

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