How To Select Good Analytical Essay Topics: Tips & Examples

Understanding the requirements of an analytical essay

When writing an analytical essay, it is important that you don't just summarise the main points of whatever it is that you are talking about. Instead, you need to explain how and why these points are important.

For example, if you were to be talking about a car, then you may ask yourself the question, what is the function of a car? Of course, because of various functions; the some people, it is a means of transport, the others it is a luxury vehicle to go fast and look good. If you're writing an analytical essay though, you would have to describe how or why the car is able to achieve these things. For example, it has a gasoline powered engine which enables it to act as a form of transport. Or you could provide some analysis based on a carbon fibre body kit, in terms of high-speed sports car.

How to structure you analytical paper

To structure the paper, you need to beginning with an introduction. Generally, this only needs to be a short opening paragraph that outlines the basis of what the rest of your paper will be about. You may choose to highlight a couple or more characteristics of the thing that you will be analysing.

After this, you then need to have the main body section of the essay. In this section, you will start to analyse whatever it is that the essay is about. Depending on how long the paper needs to be, you may include a paragraph or two for each or the main characteristics, explaining exactly how and why it is that they do what they do.

Potentially, you can include a conclusion at the end which brings together all of the characteristics, especially if they work together with one another. If including a conclusion then it only needs to be short – perhaps a paragraph or two.

Some example of analytical topics

  • How to break an addiction
  • How to build up your self-confidence
  • How to knit a scarf
  • How to haggle successfully
  • How to train a dog tricks
  • Why do we hiccup?
  • Why do young people not read as many books as older generations?
  • Why do larger dogs have short average lifespans in comparison to smaller dogs?
  • What caused the financial crisis that began in 2008?
  • Why is English so widely spoken

The difference between causal and process analytical essays

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