How To Write An Essay Introduction - Helpful Guidelines And Examples

The introduction for your essay is an important part. Most students think that they should put their concentration on the body of the paper and not worry so much about the introduction. This is a wrong way of thinking. Yes, the body paragraphs are important but if you don’t have a strong introduction, your reader will never make it to the body of the paper.

The introduction is designed to set your paper up. It is used to introduce your topic and make sure that you give your reader a general idea of the background information that will be needed to understand the rest of the paper. Here are some important guidelines and some places to find excellent examples.


  • Make sure to start off with an interesting fact so that you get your reader’s attention. You can use an interesting quote that you found during your research or you can write about something that caught your attention when you were reading about your topic.

  • You must give some background information on the subject. This will allow your reader to understand what your paper is about. You should write it as if your reader had never heard anything about the topic before.
  • If your topic includes some topic specific terminology, you want to make sure to include it. You should not define regular terms in your introduction.

  • Your introduction should also include your thesis statement. It is the main topic of your paper and what your paper is all about. It is very important to develop a strong thesis because this is the entire reason why you are writing the paper in the first place.


  • Writing sites
  • You can find some great examples on writing sites. They are in business to sell papers and they use samples to promote their services. These papers are usually written well and edited thoroughly to ensure that they are presenting their skills effectively.

  • Online
  • There will also be some really good examples that you can use online as well. They can show up as document files and are usually labeled a different way than the websites. You will get a link that goes directly to the document.

Your introduction is important and you should take your time when you are writing it. You need to make sure that you are putting in the effort to draw your reader into the paper and make them want to keep reading.

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