Woman Suffrage

We are a species of animal consisting of two main sexes and as a result, the roles and responsibilities of everyday life have historically been assigned according to sexual orientation. This has proven quite beneficial in the past, where the facilities in place and tasks required of each sex were quite different. Today, that is not the case and many women are having issues with the existing system. There are many sides to this issue however, and its not as easily solved as simply saying that a woman can do anything a man can.

Females in Developed countries

As a female in society, many things are expected of you. As a young girl it was expected that you play with dolls and learn to sew clothing, as a teenager you were expected to acquire skills that would further qualify you as a house wife and as an adult you are expected to bear and raise children while the man goes out to earn money. This lifestyle may suit the majority of women today, either because of tradition or personal desires, however, it is not fair that this is the only option to all females when clearly they are capable of holding many different positions in life. Often young girls are driven into this role because of ignorance, they are simply not aware that they have another option, while others are forced because of the way society is structured. If a man and a woman were to both apply for a managerial position, it is quite likely that the man would be favored, even if the female was equally qualified.

Females in Undeveloped Countries

The issues in underdeveloped are quite different and in many cases, quite detrimental to the health of ladies in these societies. Because of their inferior physical strength, men are able to overpower and abuse females quite easily and in countries where there is no real law, unprotected females face this gruesome reality on a daily basis. If the possible contraction of an STD and physical abuse was not bad enough, these women are left to deal with the hardships of raising a family on their own with no assistance from the father.

Naturally women are softer creatures, but our reality does not spare them this fundamental truth of nature, where the strong flourish. As a society we must take into account the differences in all people, not just between different genders.

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