Writing Strategies For Beginners- An Argumentative Essay Outline Example

When you are writing an argumentative essay, it is important to create an outline first. It will help you get organized and make the writing process easier. Unlike other essay styles the argumentative essay has an additional paragraph. It is the paragraph where you present the other side of your issue.

Argumentative essays are written to prove a side of a controversial issue. When you are presenting your body paragraphs, three will be reasons to support your side of the issue and one will be to present the opposition’s side. You would also add a little note as to why the oppositions claim is not valid, respectfully, of course. You can place this paragraph anywhere in the paper.

Here is an outline example to help you understand the concept:

  1. Introduction:
  2. This is the portion of your paper where you will present your topic. Give background information on you topic and define any words that are not common knowledge and specific to your topic. You only need to define the words that you will use in your essay. The last sentence of your introduction should be the thesis statement. This is the main point of your essay and will act as a transition from the first paragraph to the second paragraph.

  3. Supporting Body Paragraphs:
  4. The first three paragraphs will show your supporting evidence. Each paragraph should list a different reason to support the thesis. You can write more than one paragraph for each supporting reason but not have two reasons in the same paragraph. Each paragraph will include a topic sentence, a piece of evidence, and the reasoning for why it proves the topic sentence. Be sure to include a transition from one topic to the next to help your player flow.

  5. Opposition Paragraph:
  6. Include a paragraph that presents the information for the view of the opposition. You want to present their side of the issue and then present information to refute their position. This is the most important paragraph of an argumentative essay.

  7. Conclusion:
  8. Restate your thesis and wrap the paper up. Make it interesting because this is your last impression.

  9. You can use this information to fill in your outline:

    1. Introduction
      • Background
      • Thesis
    2. Body Paragraph One
      • Supporting evidence
      • Supporting evidence
    3. Body Paragraph Two
      • Supporting evidence
      • Supporting evidence
    4. Body Paragraph Three
      • Supporting evidence
      • Supporting evidence
    5. Opposition Paragraph
      • View of opposition
      • Information refuting
    6. Conclusio
      • Restate thesis

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