Sample Argumentative Essay Topics: 10 Great Suggestions For Students

Argumentative essays are often assigned during college or university. The reason for that is the fact that, while composing such type of text, you acquire some very important skills that will come in handy later in life. For example, it is necessary to be able not only to state your own opinion on a particular subject, but also to support it with evidence. This can be practiced through writing a good argumentative essay. Here are some really interesting sample topics for you to get started:

  1. Women should stop taking their husbands’ names after marriage.
  2. This is a very hot topic in the modern society. State your opinion on whether it humiliates a woman to change her last name, and why it is still so important for most men.

  3. Teachers’ favoritism can be harmful to students’ attitude and self-esteem.
  4. There is a lot to say about the teacher’s pet syndrome, since pretty much every educated person have dealt with it at some point during his or her school years.

  5. Employers should block social networks in their offices.
  6. Online communication is a big part of today’s culture. However, social networks went past the point of being simple services to unite people from all over the world; they are a great distraction as well.

  7. Handwriting isn’t a necessary skill anymore.
  8. With the development of technology and its large implementation in our everyday routines, very few people write more than a signature on their paychecks now. So, why is it still taught in schools?

  9. Parents’ permission shouldn’t be required for prescribing birth control to teenagers.
  10. Do you agree that adolescents are mature enough to make their own decision about having or not having kids?

  11. Google glasses can lead to car accidents.
  12. This technology is very new to today’s society. Base your essay on some statistics here, as well as your own opinion.

  13. People should stop using paper money to stop deforestation process.
  14. A great amount of new bills are issued yearly, causing large forests to stop existing.

  15. Digital art is the 21st century new traditional art.
  16. Express your opinion on whether digital art has the same aesthetic value as actual paintings.

  17. Journalism should never be a tool for the politicians to use.
  18. Many authoritarian regimes abuse the power of language to create a certain image for their citizens.

  19. Adoption should not be politicized: Russia’s anti-U.S. adoption bill.
  20. Race, gender or nationality should never matter when it comes to taking a child.

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